Kalagadi Manganese (Pty) Ltd, a company that is held by ArcelorMittal (50%), Kalahari Resources (40%) and IDC (10%) has been involved in the exploration for Manganese in the Kalahari Basin. The three farms on which the company holds new order mining rights are believed to overly some 960 million tons of manganese ore. The recent exploration programme has identified 102 million tons of Mineral Resources.

Kalagadi Manganese has now concluded a deal with ArcelorMittal that will create an operating company to execute the project (see our news section).

The project will have a total value of R4.3 Billion and will consist of:

An underground mine to produce 3 million tons per annum of run of mine ore (38% Mn).

An ore preparation facility and sinter plant which will beneficiate the ore into 2.4 million tons per annum of a high grade sinter. (47% Mn)

A smelter located in the Industrial Development Zone at Coega that will produce 320 000 tons per annum of high carbon ferromanganese.

The smelter will consume some 700,000 tons per annum of the sinter leaving 1.7 million tons for export..

Download an updated A5 booklet on the Kalagadi Manganese project that includes our timeline.